Jun. 25th, 2017 03:30 pm
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 So... At the beginning of June, I had a proper car crash. NOT FUNNY. Damage of some 18.000 €. I can be happy I've got a good insurance. And nobody was hurt - that's the most important thing.

Been working on my fantasy novel (editing) and on my Steampunk novel (typing).

And I've bough my first Shred DVD. Man, do I have sore muscles now! I've been quite relaxed about my diet these days, and I haven't put on any weight. GREAT!

And I'm enjoying my time off from work. YAY.
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I'm a bit ill today but already getting better so I can go back to work tomorrow.
At work, I've just finished a very stressful phase. I'm relieved about it.
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I've managed to finish the second round of editing with regard to my fantasy novel.
Despite all the stress at work.
So. Proud.
But also exhausted these days. A deep tiredness within. I need a few days off to reload my batteries.
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Absolutely focused on my job these days. Can't take care of my diet like I used to do these last months, but I'm still fighting and not giving up. I've known this would be a difficult time - and in comparison to the last years, I'm doing better with regard to food and not stuffing so much unhealthy stuff into my belly.
Lots of interesting new recipes on my SD card, too. Clean eating and stuff.
So yeah, I'm stressed, but still on the upper side of everything. Ask me again tomorrow - big day in two ways. LALALALALA
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Did I say "no fanfic writing"? I've been so very, very wrong. I've had an explosion of creativity over the last days. This is what happens when you try not to write a fic you've had in your head for months. It's bottled up, under pressure, and needs to get out at full speed.
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 My job is pretty challenging at the moment. No time for fanfic writing for the next two weeks, sadly. I'll try to edit at least a chapter or two of my original fantasy novel.
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Been cooking ever since I've come back from my holiday trip. I've put on some 3 kilos, and I want to get rid of them again. After all, I don't want to gain all thos 28 kg again, which I've lost since last July. So I've returned to the Weight Watchers programme.

Yesterday, I made lentil fussili with a zucchini-rucola topping. This morning, I turned the remaining rucola and parmesan into pesto, together with pistacchios. For lunch, we had a rice bowl with bell peppers and peas, and a curcuma-lemon-sauce (the sauce sadly wasn't so very tasty, but the rest was good).  From this dish, I had some leftover lemon juice, so I also made some ginger-mint-lemonade. Tomorrow, we'll have penne with the pesto, broccoli and dried tomatoes.
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Bleh. What a shitty first half of the day! Had a hard time to recover in the afternoon.
Now, I've at least started to edit my novel to get something out of the day, so to speak.
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Came back home today after a week with my parents. I guess I've put on a pound.

Tomorrow appointment with my doctor. *le sigh*
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 Today, I had a second session at the local swimming pool. Yay! Swimming clears the mind, and I could ponder many things. Fandom matters, too.


Apr. 11th, 2017 12:56 pm
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 I had to take my hubby to the station this morning. There was a rainbow in the sky. It made me happy and romantic to see it.

Afterwards, I went straight to the local swimming pool. It's brand new. Wow, I loved it. Light, spacey, elegant architecture.  I'll repeat this mode of action again tomorrow. And the day after. 
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Dreamwidth terms of conduct:

"You agree that you will not use the Website to:
8. Provide any material that is illegal under United States law;

Is pornographic material (such as a sexually explicit fanfic or drawing) forbidden then? I don't know exactly what the laws are like in the USA, or whether they're the same nationwide in this respect...

Big day

Apr. 7th, 2017 07:50 pm
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Today is my parents' 40th anniversary. We're just returning from a Greek restaurant.
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SanSan Fandreaming again

1. Sep 2013 at 7:06 PM

In my feverish dreams yesterday I managed to come up with a more or less complete SanSan story. That was nice to see it in pictures and it helped to recover. This was how the story went:

Joffrey is killed (hey, he always dies soon in my stories *grin*), and Sandor is supposed to be punished because he couldn't keep his king safe. At the same time, Cersei detests Sansa so much that she thinks she can be guarded elsewhere, too - so they're both thrown out of the Red Keep and sent to a humble - though in comparison acceptable - house in Flea Bottom. Now, Sansa still can't flee King's Landing, because all the guards know her face, but in Flea Bottom the queen's control isn't half as intense as in the Red Keep.
At first, Sansa - always the proper lady - is shocked by the living conditions in Flea Bottom. Then, however, she pulls herself together, starts earning some money with her embroidery, and at the same time she starts to help the poor people in Flea Bottom, much to Sandor's distaste. Soon, she teaches children in rags, and all kinds of people come to her, seeking her aid and good advice. The criminal rivaling bands establish a new, unwritten rule in the code of honour: no bloodshed around the "Queen of the Fleas".
Sansa and Sandor also fall in love, and after a while she is pregnant, so they marry in front of the septon of the quarter, a shabby drunkard who would even "marry a goat and a cheese" for the right amount of money.
In the Red Keep they finally notice they've made a big mistake and plan to dispose themselves of Sansa, but they have to realise that killing her would be too dangerous, because it would make her a martyr and mark the beginning of a revolution far worse than the bread riots.


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